Gun dog training in Thetford, Norfolk

At Buttershall Gun Dogs, we train dogs to be ready for the shooting field. We offer both residential and regular training schemes. 
Our full gun dog training scheme has two stages. First, the dog undergoes 2-3 months of basic training before being trained for the shooting field.

If you prefer, we can arrange training sessions by the hour at convenient times.

Why choose us to train your gun dog?

  •     Residential gun dog training
  •     Weekly gun dog training
  •     Monthly gun dog training
  •     One-on-one sessions
  •     Training charged by the hour
Dogs undergoing residential training are housed in comfortable outdoor kennels. Your dog will be exercised and trained several times each day. The kennels are heated in winter.
Book your dog in for training today. Phone Buttershall Gun Dogs on
01953 488 104
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